Dip Powder


Dip Powder is a new product that has entered the nail industry.  It is a safer and healthier alternative than traditional acrylics.  Dip Powder does not have an offensive smell like traditional acrylics.  It is quicker to apply than acrylics and soaks off easier. 

Dip Powder is the in between of gel polih and traditional acrylics.  It is more durable than gel.  

Dip Powder does not contain methacrylate which is known for weakening and softening your nail beds.  Methacrylate is where the horrible odor you would smell comes from!

Also your nails do not need to breathe.  This is a misconception.  Nails are layer of flattened dead keratin that doesn't breath. Dead is Dead! No air needed!

Cuticle oil should be your nails best friend along with your Nail Tech!!

Revel Nail Dip Powder is the next generation in nail enhancement.  You can have added length, protection and shine without damage to your natural nails.  

I have manycolors to choose from.

This is a partial list of the benefits of Revel Nail Dip Powder:

Light weight and flexible

Strong and durable

Nontoxic and odor free


Environmentally Friendly

Fortified with Calcium and Vitamin E

Prices on Dip Powder Services.

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Revel Dip Powder

Dip Powders are a brand new trend taking over the nail industry, but a lot of people are learning about them for the first time and we hear a lot the same questions, so this is intended to answer a lot of questions and help get you started with Dip Powders!

What are Dip Powders?

Dip Powders started as a safe, healthy alternative to traditional acrylics and gel polish.  The smell, the time to apply, and the effects on the nails all left customers wanting more. Dip Powders have no monomer odor when applied, can be done in about a third to half the time as acrylics, and soak off easier than gel polish, leaving the nail healthy and beautiful after removal.  

Why are Dip Powders so popular?

Compared to acrylics, Dip Powders are faster to apply and don’t have an odor.  They leave the nail bed healthy and undamaged.  Dip Powders are more durable than gel polish and just as durable as acrylics, and can come in any color, with glitters and other color effects. You can get the same appearance as gel polish and a product that feels more natural and healthier for natural nails.

Why is Dip Powder Healthier?

To answer this question, let us address the issue with gel polish and traditional acrylics. Traditional acrylics and gel polish contain ingredient called methacrylate and methacrylate whichis known for weakening/softening nails beds. Have you ever worn traditional acrylics and gel polish for a long time and had to them remove and you noticed that your nail beds are extremely soft and weak?  Well, it’s the methacrylate in the formulation that weakens and soften your nail beds. People say that it’s because your nails can’t breathe, which isnot true because your nail do not breathe at all! Traditional acrylic monomer uses EMA( Ethyl Methacylate) and some salon even use MMA (Methyl Methacrylate – banned by FDA) as the main ingredients. These methacrylates weaken/soften nail beds. There are studies that have shown that roughly 25% of the population shows sign of being allergic to methacrylates.  You might think that 25% seems too high, but chances are a lot of people that are known to be allergic to methacrylate got their nails done once and it will be their last time because of it.

Dip powder does not use any methacylates in the formulation. The liquids are based on Cyanoacrylate, which is similar to crazy glue or glue that is used in the hospital to seal a cut rather than getting stitches. Although the hospital uses Octyl Cyanoacrylate and the nail industry uses Ethyl Cyanoacrylate because it is harder and more durable. People that are allergic to methacrylates can wear dip powder without any issue. Since dip powder does not contain methacrylates, your nail beds do not soften at all. You will notice after the first application how strong your natural nails are and especially how strong they wil be after wearing it for an extended period of time.